Lil Dmac has dropped a brand new single with a music video titled, ‘Do It For Momma.’ Hailing out of Richmond, California, the new single holds a lot of emotion in the lyrics as Lil Dmac writes from his heart, mind, and experiences.

The new single, ‘Do It For Momma’ commences with an inspiring synth that gives the track a cloud, jazzy vibe. The downbeat hits strong as Lil Dmac gives us a run through his experiences, focusing laboriously on his mother.

The single moves along nicely throughout the arrangement as Lil Dmac is no stranger to creating a track or performing in a music video. The music video for ‘Do It For Momma’ keeps it simple and to the point. The video shows Lil Dmac in multiple places, with friends, in a studio, a boardroom, and a few other locations. I enjoy the rawness that created a blend with the single and music video. I salute Lil Dmac for this vibe.

We look forward to more releases from Lil Dmac.