Headhunters have dropped an album titled, ‘LIVE FROM FIJI” which contains six brand-new tracks. Today we are featuring the song “FLOATER TOOK LOVE” from the album.

The number wastes no time, as Headhunters commences with the vocals bar 4, and the melody is ear candy. The heat nod up and down to the beat is contagious I cannot help myself from doing to the beat to the track ‘LIVE FROM FIJI.” The pauses as well feel right, allowing the song to break.

The song ‘LIVE FROM FIJI” takes a big sound change at timestamp: 1:35 as the high hats double time, and the transition works well with the beat change-up. Headhunters provide us with another sonic sound which makes the single stand out in my opinion.

Overall the single ‘LIVE FROM FIJI” from the album, “FLOATER TOOK LOVE” is quite unique and stands out compared to music that is submitted to use.

We salute Headhunters for this!