The OG Flavorful lyrics and radio show host is back with another hard-hitting, boom-bap track. 

Bolaji Barber has dropped a new single, titled ‘Ayo’ that continues the style and mind of the entrepreneur. The single is classy, energetic, head-bumping, and raw. 

The artist, Bolaji Barber, has a signature raspy voice as he delivers his witty content. He throws in a contagious word, ‘Ayo,’ on the thirds. You can’t help yourself to yell it with Bolaji Barber.

Bolaji Barber is a pioneer in the industry in multiple formats. A Lyricist, late-night Cypher sessions, songwriter, producer, features, radio hosting, DJ, and more. He has released and, been involved with a ton of music drops over the years. We salute B Bolaji Barber for this. 

Most recently, Bolaji Barber has teamed up with with other producers like Castle Money Beats, “U know the Flow Is Heat” & “WIT US” also feat. Prod./DJ Tone Spliff., BraveStarr “Muggz & Huggz”, Timeless “Dayum”, TEAM DEMO “A2G”, Brutal Caesar “Ready” & “Nostalgia” EP releases), Luis Martinez with the Tech/House remix of the Hip Hop “Rock Steady” release off the “INK” album, Multi Platinum Engineer/Prod. Michael (Mykill) Calderon collaborative efforts on the “Nostalgia” EP’s “Plan 4 The Wors.

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