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KiingWavvyy is back with 2023 single, ‘Murder’ (prod. Blanco)

KiingWavvyy is back with revenge on a new single titled, ‘Murder’ (prod. Blanco). The new 2023 single brings the Maine-based artist back from his previously released single ‘Hit After Hit’ (prod. 808 Champ).

The production for ‘Murder’ (prod. Blanco) is much faster in tempo than the previously released track ‘Hit After Hit’ (prod. 808 Champ). Both songs are great to digest, but the new single provides us with more talent from KiingWavvyy.

The new drop comes in with a smooth guitar melody and a pushing-back beat. The filtered vocals introduce the track and become unfiltered to create emphasis on the first hook. With quickness, KiingWavvyy is no stranger to hitting his bars hard. As we should know by now, he is no stranger to creating a well-written and well-produced single.

His delivery is impeccable.

The lyrical content in the song ”Murder’ is boss-like and provides the music consumer with confidence. Furthermore, the production is easily digested while driving, it is a song to ride to.

For me, one of many favorite parts of ‘Murder’ (prod. Blanco) is when KiingWavvyy allows the song to breathe. Less is more sometimes, and during the beat breaks, with filtered vocals, the song bangs even hard when it all comes in.

Those are veteran production moves, and I salute KiingWavvyy for it



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