$aint ۵ has dropped a brand new single titled FANTA$Y that has a unique vibe and theme.

The single commences with a futuristic sound, and the beat has a heavy sound from the synth. $aint ۵ wastes no time, hitting the bars hard with his raw lyrical content, and well-done transitions to the hook. He does an exceptional job building the track by raising the vocal tone and creating emphasis on the hook.

The song has a futuristic feeling as $aint ۵ captures the vibe and shares the meaning behind the track. The Rock $prings, Wyoming based-artist describes how things are coming his way and feels he is in fantasy. He states:

“It has a futuristic punk feel to it”

Overall the track is quite well done, and $aint ۵ has released two recent tracks that can be found on his SoundCloud page.