“Turn me up B. Turn me up!” – The new single ‘Wit The Mob’ commences by the Atlanta-based artist,  BRB Loopy.

The new single feels raw and alive, with  BRB Loopy signature enthusiasm vocals. The rapper knows how to present a single and ‘Wit The Mob’ is no different. 

Bankrolls from the trenches can describe the track but certainly the single goes deeper. Back in October 2020, BRB Loopy was shot five times which he has overcome with the help of his strength, music, and the people that have his corner. The artist has always written from his heart, full of truth and inspiration.

We salute  BRB Loopy for this. 

We look forward to a future release from the Atlanta-based artist but certainly, for now, we have the single, ‘Wit The Mob’ on repeat.