EddieGrandXL has dropped a soulful single titled, ‘How Bad Do I Want It.’ The new single is well-rounded dynamically and transitionally beautifully. 

The intro taste of us a soulful scoop and presents the vibes to come for the single, ‘How Bad Do I Want It.’ EddieGrandXL kicks off with the Hook, which delivers well, as it is easily rememberable. 

The bars and vocals take has3 a rise-up feeling, full of confidence, and pair well with the beat. EddieGrandXL‘s songwriting ability is strong and resilient, it gives this push vibe to create this want, to do better as a listener 

His vocals have an animated feeling, and he delivers his emotion in an impeccable format. You can feel his words and ability by how he animates each bar, which is a veteran move as a vocalist 

Overall the single ‘How Bad Do I Want It.’ by EddieGrandXL has a sensual and confident feeling that is well executed. Great for any Hip-Hop and Soul-lover.