Ato-Mik has dropped a brand new single titled, ‘Fast Lane.’ the sonic sound and dynamics are key in this track.

The single wastes no time, Ato-Mik hits us with a brainworm hook, that is rememberable and singable. Ato-Mik also has a signature sound in his voice. Having a unique voice is key in the industry and most essentially, Ato-Mik knows how to use it. The dynamic changes in Ato-Mik are key to his sound.

The lyrical content in the single ‘Fast Lane’ is my favorite aspect in the single. Ato-Mik wrote the track about taking rinks, and not creating conflict. Keep straight with your focus, and your goals, and straight up achieving.

We thank Ato-Mik aka Atomikbro for the track ‘Fast Lane’ and we look forward to future releases.