G Premacy and 2Gun Yvng dice it up on a two-part video with their brand single, ‘We All Smoke.’ The single has a strong presence of a well-written and produced song that creates the want to put the video, the song on repeat.

40 Acres Fratelli Owner, C.E.O., and artist, G Premacy recently signed a deal for his label with Sony-owned entertainment company, The Orchard for distribution of the label’s works, including the “Fire Drill” EP, released this 3/15/23. The project is a collaboration between G Premacy, and a colleague and follows 40 Acres artist, 2Gun Yvng, and features production from In-house and affiliate producers Cherry, Spencer Vega, Piff Beatz, Busco, and Art Major Fonso.

Part One of the Part Two Series gives us a glimpse into the studio with the collab, and circle. The theme is 420 Baby, the Ganja. the beautiful Mary Jane, Some of that real sticky-icky-icky -Ooh wee! Put it in the air!

Part one of ‘We All Smoke.’ is about setting the track, providing us with some humor and character, which we appreciate.

Part Two commences with the lesson, the theme, and the song:

“We All Smoke.”

With keys and an atmospheric synth, the song begins and transitions to the verse that smashes hard. One of many elements I enjoy from the single ‘We All Smoke’ is the transitions, and how the duo, G Premacy and 2Gun Yvng feeds off each other. I feel the pair has chemistry, which is what makes the song what it is.

The hook, the kush of the track is easily repeatable, and I find myself singing along I do salute the artist for having a double hook, providing differential – which is rarely done in music or Hip Hop.

I salute the artist and the team for the release of, ‘We All Smoke.’

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